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MILESTONE for the WATT Investors Network

Yesterday, August 18th, was the first informal meeting of a newly created WIN Advisory Board.  I had invited 10 WIN Investors that had previously indicted a willingness to help, and that I know best and have come to trust.  All

NO “Insider Information”

An underlying premise of this site is that we do NOT deal in “Insider Information”.  We do not ask for it, nor is it appropriate or welcome.  Dealing on Insider Information is illegal and would be damaging to our community,


John, what is your definition of retirement, b/c I’m pretty sure mine is a little different. I really appreciate everything you’re doing here and it is getting better every day I sign in. One question. Is there a reply button?

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Welcome to the WATT Investors Network (interim) website!

There is so very much more that we have planned to offer in this website, but at least for now we have a private and secure place where we can connect and share. I look forward to grater expansion and

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